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Rilski lakes

Bulgaria – Discover the Alps of the Balkans

from  980 Euro/Person

26th of July - 1st of August - 6 nights

Delta pelicani

Danube Delta Cruise

from 450Euro/Person

*The displayed price is only for information, please contact us for a personalized offer. * The program is carried out with at least 12 subscribed persons.

Expediție vârful Ararat

850 Euro/Persoana

19 - 24 August 2024

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Discover Romania
Discover ROMÂNIA
Slow living, traditions, rural landscape and heartwarming people, some of the few things Romania has to offer. Let’s explore it together!
Discover the world
Let’s discover together incredible destinations and create unique memories!
Discover the world
You want to travel but you don t know where
You want to travel,
but you don’t know where?
We are creating customized itineraries for our clients based around their personal plans and preferences. Together we will explore and get the most authentic experience.

New destinations

Discover new travel destinations

The magic land of Fundătura Ponorului

Let’s explore together this hidden gem in Romania. You’ll have the feeling that time stands still and life is running slowly and peacefully. Why Fundătura Ponorului? If you you’re in search on serenity and peaceafull days, here is the place to come. The fresh air and the smell of haystacks will make this amazing place unforgettable. The mass tourism hasn’t reached this place...

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Jordan – A world wonder and desert landscapes

Dacă nu ai auzit încă de Petra, e momentul să planifici o vacanță în Iordania pentru a descoperi acest loc minunat și pentru a afla mai multe despre această țară din Orientul Mijlociu. Iordania, fără doar și poate este o destinație inedită, care a devenit tot mai vizitată și deschisă către turiști în ultimii ani. Viza pentru Iordania Viza se obține foarte...

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